Choosing an interior design style for your new home can be confusing at times as there are just so many choices. Don’t be baffled anymore. Below are 5 popular interior design styles used by many homes in Singapore.


Scandinavian style interior design focuses on two main principles to achieve its look.

Simplicity and practicality make the look work. It is popular amongst Singaporean homes due to its uncomplicated design and spacious feel.

Common visual elements to achieve this look includes a balance of natural materials and engineered materials. This is a look for homeowners who prefer a simple, modern and welcoming feel for their homes.


  • Gentle Contours
  • Flatlines
  • Playful muted colours (e.g. Grey, white and teal)
  • The balance of engineered materials and natural materials (e.g. Marble and Wood respectively)
  • Keep furniture simple, functional and modern


Modern interior styles focus on being simple, practical and also manage to look sleek at the same time.

Extremely popular in Singaporean homes, a combination of dark or light wooden flooring with neutral-coloured walls with neutral furniture and walls would certainly bring a welcoming vibe to your home.

Homeowners wanting a bright, inviting and comfy home would love this.


  • Stick to the neutrals
  • Well-illuminated rooms
  • Neutral coloured walls
  • Artistic yet simplistic décor (eg. Large painting, vases)
  • Furniture with gentle edges
  • Carpet Rugs to define a room


Minimalist interior design kind of describes itself. The key design principle is to keep it organised and uncomplicated. Another popular interior design concept in Singapore due to space restrictions of newly built BTO.

Visual elements of a minimalist-style home include textures varying from cement to wood and neutral colours to keep the style cohesive with one another (that is if you prefer to play safe).

A riskier minimalist theme includes bright colours, well-rounded furniture and has lights hang low to produce a more spacious feel.

The minimalist theme is for homeowners looking for versatility in their homes with no commitment to furniture placement.


  • Softer edge contours
  • Low-hung lights
  • Neutral & Bright colours accepted
  • Texture finishes welcome (e.g. Cement finish on walls)
  • Use of simple looking furniture


The eclectic interior design focuses on the matching of different varieties of textures and finishes to create a home that truly reflects your own personality.

It stays on the fine line of being too much and just nice and takes a precise creative eye to find the balance.

When done right, the atmosphere is charming, fun, artsy and full of character.

This design would really appeal to people who are looking to express themselves through their home.


  • A wide array of visual elements
  • A combination of rustic and classy
  • Some use of natural elements
  • Neutral palettes
  • Heavy visual interest


The industrial interior design focuses mainly on functionality and adapts its look from the rawness of the manufacturing process.

Common traits for this design includes bare brick walls, exposed pipes, cement screed and vintage and aluminium furniture.

Woods and metals are also heavy influences to achieve this interior design concept.

Home buyers looking for a raw, practical yet comfortable home would love this concept


  • Exposed pipes
  • Bare brick wall feature
  • Cement screed ceiling
  • Aluminium furniture
  • Hard edges in the general look

Whichever design you pick for your home is a portrayal of your character.

Keep fun, keep it light or even go crazy with colour choices. Nothing is right and nothing is wrong.

Choose a design that you KNOW will make you feel like home every time you step into your house.

Credits: Photos from Pinterest. Copyright to their respective owners.


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